Sunday, 11 May 2014

Super Power

Sebelum ini, sy pernah post tentang mcmana sy sgt-sgt mengagumi Michelle Phan. Right? But today, I don't want to share about makeup or her tutorial on something . I want to share how Mish just inspired me by her video called ASK MISH. I'm watching it just now. Question by question and I heard every answer she gave, and I comes speechless n say " Wow!" This lady is awesome!  She is so brilliant , mature mind and deep thinker.. She is not only pretty on the outside but more than that, inside herself, she have a good heart 
( Like an angel ). wuuuu....

Now  that part, which gives me a deep reflection on my mind, and of course from the start, I've been inspired by Ask Mish. "IF YOU COULD HAVE ONE SUPER POWER, WHAT COULD IT BE? " 
Question sounds weird and nonsense to me, but Mish manage to answer it with a deep meaningful answer. It was unexpectable answer. I was totally thinking about to have super power before..If I could and I wish. . I pray for it. Amen

And me too, if I could have one super power, I wish to have the power of  HEALING. I wanna be Healer, I want to heal people by touching that person and they will be healed. I want to heal what burdens there heart, their wounds and their sickness .  . what a big dreams of me to have that kind of super power. But all I know is, I have faith that nothing is impossible if God's want it to happen in each one of us, if not me, maybe you. Praise God if me and you. Hehe. .

Well, thats my answer. If I could have one super power,  to be a Healer could be my super power. 
(crossed hands) 
Now its your turn to answer... If you could have one super power, what could it be? 
Whatever super power you have, lift up your hands to the Lord and praise Him. God bless ^^ 

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